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OK, how about a rant about a total non-issue? I can do that.

You know what really hecks me up? When people write the date wrong. You know, MM/DD/YY, MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YY, YY/MM/DD, YY/DD/MM, YYYY/DD/MM...
All of it is wrong.
There's a standard for writing dates, actually. And you know how many people listen to it? Like, two. What's the result of this? Confusion, wasted effort, and probably a lot of mild inconveniences. We cannot stand for this anymore! Comply with the ISO 8601 and write dates THE RIGHT WAY-- YYYY-MM-DD!

For example, today's date according to THE standard:

Eyyy, mate, this site is all under the I'm no hypocrite, k?

OK, that first part was a lie. I've released the script used to render the date under the GNU GPLv3. I did that 'cuz, you know, CC is good for culture while GPL's better for scripts and such. You understand, don't you?